Community Groups - Come and join us!

The eco friendly “Healthy Planet” initiative has enabled two local organisations, Droitwich Arts Network and Transition Droitwich to establish a new and exciting community group which is seeking to expand by engaging with other local organisations. Planet Droitwich is making use of an empty shop, formerly the Superdrug store in St Andrews Square Shopping Centre, in the mall leading out to St Andrews Street.

Founder members are the Droitwich Arts Network and Transition Droitwich.

In order for Planet Droitwich to be effective, we need to engage local organisations, to increase usage and encourage more volunteers to help, which in turn will increase amount of time the store is open.

Contacts for more information
07766 415094 Peter Hawkins (Droitwich Arts Network
07908 912357 Keeley Thomas (Transition Droitwich)

What is on offer?

An exciting opportunity

The opportunity to use space and facilities at the store is available for any local/ community organisation. It enables displays, workshops, meetings, advertising, and many other activities to take place in the centre of Droitwich.

Available space

Planet Droitwich has a large ground floor space (179.67 sq m) and a large basement (162.11 sq m). The furniture is not fixed, making for great flexibility and different uses. Further donations of shelving and chairs are being sought.


In the basement there is a small kitchen and toilet plus wash basin for the use of volunteers manning the store.


No direct selling can take place in the store.

This does not prevent private transactions taking place off site (e.g. buyer contacting an exhibiting artist to buy a picture or membership fees being paid to the organisation using the store).

Organisations making use of the store must arrange for members to be present for their use of the store. They should also contribute to the rota of persons being available to staff the store.

Planet Droitwich is made available through Healthy Planet; a consequence is that Books For Free should operate when the store is in use.